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With more than 30 successful years in the Sydney demolition industry, our industrial demolition Sydney is the best in the business.

Industrial Demolition Sydney

If you’re looking for a headache and stress-free way to have your industrial site demolished, you’ve most certainly come to the right place. At Active Demolition we’ve been in the Sydney industrial demolition industry for years, and in that time our knowledge and abilities have fine-tuned us into the premier industrial demolition Sydney company.

At Active Demolition, we’re focused on executing every project with precision. We use meticulous planning, systematic work processes, the latest equipment, and an expert demolition team to deliver safe and controlled demolition. From factories to warehouses, we deliver expert demolition, site remediation, land clearing and excavation.

With over 30 years’ experience in the demolition and earthworks industry we are the experts when it comes to industrial demolition Sydney. Our managing directors and site supervisors will work directly with you and any on-site managers and builders to develop a demolition strategy based on your unique brief. They’ll also oversee all demolition and asbestos removal on site to ensure optimum outcomes.

We provide all our clients with the complete package that can make the difference for their projects and developments. We carefully plan out each step and with our experience, we execute your plans to perfection. From the very start to the last step of your project, we will be by your side, ensuring that everything goes to plan. This is why our industrial demolition Sydney service has been trusted for over three decades.

We Make The Whole Industrial Demolition Sydney Process Simple And Easy For You

Industrial demolition requires a more systematic, detailed and controlled approach than standard residential demolition. Many industrial facilities are set in challenging and risky environments.

Demolition of huge structures is perhaps one of the most dangerous jobs for our industrial demolition contractors Sydney at Active Demolition. The magnitude and scale of the job makes it extremely demanding and technically challenging. Our focus is to tackle the job using state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology, an expert demolition crew, and a passion for perfection.

At Active Demolition we have the experience and technical expertise to develop project-specific solutions to the most complex industrial demolition Sydney challenges. Our team of highly trained operators and advanced equipment deliver safe, effective results, on time and on budget.

  • All appropriate documentation will be signed off by the local council
  • All appropriate paperwork will be provided to our clients and stakeholders
  • Any asbestos found in the property will be removed safely by our professionals
  • Work will be carried out in accordance to Australian Standards, Regulations, and Codes of Practice
  • Relevant power and plumbing will be safely disconnected by professionals
  • Temporary fencing will be provided during the demolition on the entire site
  • All site rubbish will be removed with all appropriate documentation and permits
  • The final site of the project will be left clean from all debris and rubbish

Our Priority Is Safety

When it comes to large structures, demolition can be extremely demanding and dangerous. Ensuring the safety of staff and critical infrastructure during works is paramount.

At Active Demolition we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, safety and quality. By listening and understanding our clients' requests, we are able to deliver professional and quality workmanship which is rapidly building our reputation as providing the most efficient and reliable industrial demolition Sydney has to offer.

We are committed to keeping neighbours happy and our clients fully satisfied with our service, long after we are gone. Our on-site care and safety is second to none. We pride ourselves on having the most responsible Sydney industrial demolition services and we are always committed to following regulations and safety laws.

The strict safety precautions that we abide by ensure a safe workplace for all involved, always making sure jobs are completed in accordance with Worksafe and Australian standards and regulations. We can also ensure your demolition requirements are dealt with in a proficient, safe and professional manner, making us the first choice for industrial demolition Sydney.

Why Choose Active Demolition To Be Your Industrial Demolition Contractors Sydney?

At Active Demolition, we are able to accomplish industrial demolition Sydney projects safely and successfully since we are fully-focused and skilled at doing the job. It is our endeavor to set new benchmarks in terms of demolition contracting as well as pursuing excellence in the industry.

If you are looking for a professional industrial demolition contractor Sydney that’s capable of getting the work done in a quick, safe, and clean way and at affordable rates, you should look no further than Active Demolition. You will not be disappointed.

Our professional industrial demolition contractors Sydney, are experienced in large and technically-challenging projects in the industrial sector. We understand what it takes to work safely within the constraints of different industrial environments. Our team’s expert knowledge translates into safe, efficient results, on budget and on time.

We always maintain high standards in every aspect of our business from client contact through to project setup and completion. Our reputation for excellence is well deserved. Here at Active Demolition we organise the entire process, to eliminate any uncertainty for you. Every project is unique and as such we go the extra mile to accommodate our customer needs.

With meticulous planning our goal is to create solutions to meet our client’s specifications. We’ll work closely with you throughout the entire industrial demolition Sydney project to efficiently and precisely complete the task in hand.

Bill Dandan Operations Director - Active Demolition

Get A Free Inspection & Quote

We can provide you an inspection and quote and complete the paperwork at any time in advance of the demolition work commencing. Then once you’re ready to demolish, we’ll take over, obtain the necessary permit in advance, safely remove any asbestos, commence and complete the industrial demolition Sydney on the agreed date and timeline.

Need some advice along the way? Our team of professionals have over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of Sydney industrial demolition, excavation and asbestos removal. We’re happy to provide advice and work with you or your builder at any stage of the project.

If you would like a no-obligation free quote, just get in touch with us at Active Demolition. Our number is 0402 548 004 and our email is You can also fill in the contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Why Choose Active Demolition

Three Decades Of Experience

Three Decades Of Experience

Active Demolition has been successfully operating for over 30 years in the Sydney demolition industry.

Honest & Dependable

Honest & Dependable

We understand the importance of being honest and dependable when it comes to dealing with every one of our clients.

Excellence In Service

Excellence in Service

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service from the beginning to the end of every project we are lucky to be apart of.

Best Value Pricing

Best-Value Pricing

We pride ourselves on offering quality work at an affordable, competitive price. We offer very high value for money.

Safe Work Practices

Safe Work Practices

We make sure your business, our team and your surrounding establishments are safe from start to finish.

Efficient Turnaround

Efficient Turnaround

With our internal fleet of machinery and skilled operators, we’ll complete your project efficiently and according to plan.

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