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Residential Demolition Sydney

Residential Demolition Sydney

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Commercial Demolition Sydney

Commercial Demolition Sydney

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Industrial Demolition Sydney

Industrial Demolition Sydney

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Asbestos Removal Sydney

Asbestos Removal Sydney

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Excavation Sydney

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Land Clearing Sydney

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Active Demolition

Active Demolition is the demolition company Sydney residents and businesses have relied on for years. We have a strong and reliable reputation on delivering top quality demolition Sydney services & house demolition Sydney within your desired time-frame and all for affordable prices. Every client we meet is different, so we tailor our plans to find your solutions. And even though we are a professional demolition company we are not just limited to demolition services, as we offer a host of other services, including tree removal, asbestos removal, land clearing and excavation services.

Demolition Sydney

House Demolition Sydney

With more than 20 successful years in the Sydney demolition industry, our house demolition Sydney is the best in the business.

Active Demolition Are The House Demolition Sydney Experts

Professional House Demolition Sydney

If you have been searching for a house demolition Sydney company, Active Demolition is your number one choice. Whether you’re the property owner wanting the site cleared to build your dream home, a builder or property developer, Active Demolition will demolish and remove all dwellings, footings, asbestos, trees, stumps and vegetation. We can also perform excavation work to change the levels of the block or dig out a basement etc. Leaving the site ready for the next phase of your building project. Our experts can demolish just about any building or structure. Our family-owned and operated house demolition Sydney company can assist you with your current or upcoming demolition project. And because every house demolition Sydney job is so unique from another, we'll provide you a free quote specific to your situation.

Why Choose Active Demolition For Your House Demolition Sydney?

Expert House Demolition Sydney

At Active Demolition we pride ourselves on our safety record. We are fully insured and possess a range of industry certifications that give our customers confidence that their house demolition Sydney project will be completed safely and professionally. We are committed to leading the industry by way of providing reliable, efficient and safe house demolition Sydney that meet the individual and diverse needs of our customers. Active Demolition are licenced for A-class asbestos removal and unrestricted demolition works. Our services include safe removal and disposal of friable asbestos and non-friable asbestos (bonded asbestos) products, such as removal of low density board, asbestos cement sheeting and demolition works including house demolition Sydney and garage removal.

House Demolition Sydney Cost?

Affordable House Demolition Sydney

When it comes to delivering house demolition Sydney services to homeowners, we believe in making sure they are comfortable with the entire process. From the very start of the planning to the last piece of rubbish we remove, our aim is to make sure homeowners are relaxed. We plan out a strong process to make sure that we deliver on your house demolition Sydney requirements and requests, all at an affordable and fair cost. Our house demolition Sydney cost is what stands out from the rest. Our aim is to provide our house demolition Sydney to all types of residents and houses in Sydney. To do this, we provide a fair, affordable and value for money structure for our house demolition Sydney. So, when you choose Active Demolition for your house demolition Sydney you know you’ll be receiving a fair and affordable price compared to the Sydney market. For a specific house demolition Sydney cost contact us today for advice or to receive a free quote.

Get A Free Inspection & Quote From The Experts At Active Demolition

Reliable House Demolition Sydney

We can provide you an inspection and quote and complete the paperwork at any time in advance of the demolition work commencing. Then once you’re ready to demolish, we’ll take over, obtain the necessary permit in advance, safely remove any asbestos, commence and complete the house demolition Sydney on the agreed date and timeline. Need some advice along the way? Our team of professionals have over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of house demolition Sydney, excavation and asbestos removal. We’re happy to provide advice and work with you or your builder at any stage of the house demolition Sydney project. If you need assistance with a house demolition Sydney, contact us today. We are happy to provide a quote or answer any questions you might have.

We Make It Easy For You

  • All appropriate documentation will be signed off by the local council
  • All appropriate paperwork will be provided to our clients and stakeholders
  • Any asbestos found in the property will be removed safely by our professionals
  • Work will be carried out in accordance to Australian Standards, Regulations, and Codes of Practice.
  • Relevant power and plumbing will be safely disconnected by professionals
  • Temporary fencing will be provided during the demolition on the entire site
  • All site rubbish will be removed with all appropriate documentation and permits
  • The final site of the project will be left clean from all debris and rubbish

Why Are We The Best?

Two Decades Of Experience

Active Demolition has been successfully operating for over 20 years in the Sydney demolition industry.

Honest and Dependable

We understand the importance of being honest and dependable when it comes to dealing with clients.

Excellence in Service

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service from the beginning to the end of the project.

House Demolition Sydney Process

As a licenced, experienced and safety focused demolition and asbestos removal contractor, we focus on the whole lifecycle of a project from initial inspection, performing preliminary testing, providing a comprehensive quote, developing safety and environmental documentation, performing the asbestos removal and demolition works and disposing of all waste.

1. Consultation

2. Quotation

3. Obtaining Correct Certification And Permits

4. Removal Of Asbestos & Hazardous Material

5. Power & Plumbing Disconnection

6. Demolition Of Residential Site

7. Rubbish Removal & Site Clean Up

Demolition Sydney

With a focus on delivering the highest quality residential, commercial and industrial demolition services in Sydney within the set budget and time frame, Active Demolition are your team to call when you want the job done right the first time. We’ve been hired by some of the state’s largest companies to assist them in their projects and are the trusted name for demolition Sydney. We have a highly trained team with over two decades of experience who know the importance of completing projects to the highest standard while minimising risk and inconvenience for all of our projects.

Class 1 ‘Unrestricted’ Demolition Licence

‘Unrestricted’ Asbestos Removal Licence

Public Liability Insurance - Up To $20,000,000

Active Demolition Sydney


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