How Much Does It Cost To Demolish A House In Sydney?

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There are many reasons as to why Sydney property owners choose to demolish a house. For some it could be because they have the right location with the perfect view but a house that does not suit their lifestyle, some that just choose to demolish because they want to have a new home or others who would like to subdivide.

Are you planning to demolish a house in Sydney? Curious about how much it costs to demolish a house in Sydney? Well it will significantly depend upon the multiple factors including, size, location, materials, accessibility and more.

In Sydney the cost of demolishing a house will range from $12,000 to $40,000, which includes the removal of all waste. A standard home to be demolished will cost close to $17,000 – give or take.

As much as you want to demolish a house yourself to build your dream new home, it requires a lot of work to commence the demolition process. It is not advised to do the process yourself, a third party demolition company can help you through a smooth house demolition process dealing with all relevant parties.

House Demolition Sydney Cost Per Square

An average cost estimate of $80/m2 is priced for a house demolition project in Sydney including removal of waste. You can read elsewhere different figures but they may not be accounting for the removal of materials.

However, no demolition contractor in Sydney will charge you a square meter rate because that is not how they estimate demolition costs. They take into consideration all cost factors including materials, accessibility, size of structure and more to give you a total price figure for the cost of your house demolition project.

A demolition project does have a correlation with square meter price and project size. Basically the larger a job the more it will cost but that is only what knowing the square meter of a home can give you. But as discussed, there are a lot of factors that could affect the whole demolition process, so what are the factors that contribute to the cost of a house demolition project in Sydney?

The Factors That Contribute To The Cost Of A House Demolition Sydney Project Include:

Size Of The Structure:

Generally a bigger house will require more man power, time and equipment to be brought down. To account for these costs, the prices for demolishing a bigger house will be higher as compared to a smaller house.

What Needs To Be Demolished:

Whole house, partial demolition, swimming pool, garage, granny flat will all cost different amounts.

Material Of The House:

The material of the house also dictates the cost of the demolition. A concrete house takes longer and is heavier to load but the concrete can be recycled. A timber house is fragile and light and most of the timber can sometimes be salvaged.

Hazardous Materials:

If hazardous materials are present in the house, such as synthetic mineral fibres and asbestos, it will cost more to remove. This is to cater for the use of our specialized equipment, the risks involved as well as all the precautionary measures that we have to undertake prior to the project.


Your site gradient and access for demolition equipment will also have an importance. Essentially, if the home you wish to demolish is in a difficult to reach location, this will make it more difficult to transport demolition equipment, transportation vehicles and disposable material from the site, therefore increasing costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Demolish A House With Asbestos in Sydney?

Since asbestos is hazardous and needs to be carefully handled, safely removed, and correctly disposed of, the costs of removing it are approximately three times higher than for removing any other building material.

A standard cost to demolish a house with asbestos adds about $2,500 as an estimate. A standard single storey family house that contains asbestos will cost around $20,000 or higher.

Remember that it is legally required that your asbestos removal work must be done by licenced professionals. It is time consuming and carefully planned work that must be handled in a safe manner.

The cost to demolish a house with asbestos in Sydney will depend on:

  • the amount of asbestos that needs to be removed
  • where it is (walls, floors, roof, attic, ceiling, pipes etc.)
  • whether it’s damaged or not
  • how easily it can be accessed
  • how hard it is to remove

How Much Does A Demolition Permit In Sydney Cost?

Before proceeding to everything – just like when a house is to be constructed, a building permit is needed. There are certain requirements in order to proceed with the demolition process.

A standard demolition permit from local council costs about $350. It may take seven to fourteen days to approve the permit depending on your location. Usually, demolition permits are already included in the total cost of the demolition service by the companies and contractors.

When demolishing a house in Sydney, some paperwork and planning approvals from your relevant council will be required depending on your location.

Generally speaking, before you get started with your project, here’s what’s necessary to provide to perform the demolition in accordance with your local regulations and apply for a demolition permit:

  • copies of your site plans, specifying the areas and materials that will be demolished
  • photos of the structure you want to demolish
  • a copy of your Title Certificate of Title for the land
  • your demolisher’s name, registration and insurance details
  • a copy of your public liability insurance policy
  • detailed plans for protection of the public and adjoining properties
  • a detailed description of the demolition process
  • a detailed description of the waste disposal procedure
  • details about any other demolition work (if it has been carried out recently)

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