July, 2022


Carlingford, NSW


Jason Lee

Project Type:


Carlingford Excavation

Project Description:

This job entailed the removal of a significant concrete slab and the subsequent land preparation for redevelopment.

Our expert team arrived on-site equipped with advanced machinery designed to handle heavy concrete structures. We commenced the operation with an initial inspection to assess the best course of action for removing the large slab. Safety precautions were put in place, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding area and maximum efficiency.

The concrete slab was then meticulously broken down using high-precision hydraulic breakers, reducing the large structure into manageable pieces. These pieces were then loaded onto our trucks using earthmoving equipment and transported off-site for recycling, as part of our commitment to environmentally-friendly demolition practices.

Once the slab was completely removed, we then prepared the land for redevelopment. This involved removing any remaining debris and ensuring the area was entirely ready for the next phase of construction.

We hired Active Demolition for an excavation job in Carlingford, which involved removing a large concrete slab and prepping our land for redevelopment. Their team was professional, efficient, and meticulous in their approach. We were particularly impressed by their commitment to safety and the cleanliness of the site post work. Their precision in preparing the land has given us a solid foundation for our next construction phase. We highly recommend Active Demolition for any excavation needs!

Jason Lee Carlingford