February, 2021


Lane Cove, NSW


Michael Sadleir

Project Type:

Residential Demolition

Lane Cove Demolition Project

Project Description:

This project was particularly noteworthy due to the presence of asbestos, which we successfully and safely removed.

When we first visited the site, our experienced team performed a comprehensive asbestos inspection. As we suspected, we found several areas of the house contaminated with asbestos materials. Dealing with asbestos is always a delicate process, but with our 'Unrestricted' Asbestos Removal License, we are fully equipped and trained to handle these situations.

We began the project by carefully extracting the hazardous material. Our team of specialists adhered to strict safety guidelines throughout this process, ensuring not just their safety, but the safety of the surrounding community as well.

Once the asbestos was safely removed and disposed of, we proceeded with the demolition of the house. With precision and efficiency, we systematically dismantled the structure, keeping the disruption to a minimum. In no time, the site was completely cleared and ready for redevelopment.

From the moment we engaged with Active Demolition for our house demolition, we knew we were in good hands. The asbestos removal was handled with extreme care and professionalism, and the demolition was efficient and thorough. Their team not only delivered on their promise but exceeded our expectations. We can confidently recommend their services to anyone.

Grant Mahoney Michael Sadleir