March, 2020


Ryde, NSW


Allan Steven

Project Type:

Residential Demolition

Ryde Demolition Project

Project Description:

Hi, this is Bill, the Operations Director at Active Demolition. I'd like to take you through one of our recent residential demolition projects in Ryde.

Allan, our client, captured some brilliant drone shots that give you a bird's eye view of the entire process. This project was a full-scale residential demolition. The property was an old federation home that had seen better days and was beyond repair. The homeowner wanted it removed to make way for their dream home.

Our team commenced the job with a thorough site assessment, as we always do, to identify potential risks and plan our approach. Once the site was confirmed as safe, we disconnected the power and plumbing and methodically removed any asbestos and hazardous materials.

The demolition work was executed efficiently and meticulously. The drone footage captures our precision - it's quite something to see a house methodically dismantled, piece by piece, while preserving the integrity of the surrounding environment.

Post-demolition, we cleared away the debris, leaving a clean site ready for the next phase of our client's dream. All waste was responsibly disposed of at a licensed waste facility. At Active Demolition, we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety, efficiency, and cleanliness, and this project in Ryde was no exception.

Couldn't be happier with the speed and professionalism from Active Demolition. 5 stars to John and Bill!! Definitely quality work!!

Allan Steven Ryde